Say ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage

Vast majority of people have now had their say in the same-sex marriage survey with 10 million forms having been returned. On October 10, the Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded an estimated 62.5 percent of Australians have now voted. Early results indicate the ‘Yes’ side is ahead. Marriage equality should go hand-in-hand with any and all types of equality.… Continue reading Say ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage

Social Media: Rise of Citizen Journalism

In the early 1980’s, when the Internet began to come about, citizen journalism emerged on social media platforms. It radically and forever changed the way we received and distributed the news. Citizen journalism soared with the arrival of social media. However, that is not to say that citizen journalism has not been criticised and disrespected.… Continue reading Social Media: Rise of Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism Weaknesses

With the rapid increase of social media, we have been given a way of communicating, gathering and distributing news to others. “People without professional journalism training are using modern technological tools to publish information” (Jewitt 2009, p. 231). With no limit on who can be a citizen journalist, it can be lead to inaccurate stories and events being distributed. Stories can often be opinionated, biased, incorrectly conveyed and captured, and in many… Continue reading Citizen Journalism Weaknesses